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How the Cosigner360 Service Works 
This information is here to further explain how the Cosigner360° service works. Please read this carefully before signing Up

You have or plan to sign up asking us to help find a loan cosigner for you. You will have access to our network of members after we receive your information and payment. 

It is important to know that your cosigner will need money from this loan also. This deal will involve the two of you getting a loan together and splitting the loan amount taking only what you can afford.

We only promise you a person willing to cosign on a personal loan with you.

We do not verify credit scores. We do not review credit histories. We are not affiliated with any lenders. We do not promise the approval of any loan. We do not provide loans. 

We can only promise you a person willing to cosign on a personal loan with you. 

Your lender will use there underwriting team to review your information and your cosigners information. 
For example: You might have recently asked a family member or friend to cosign on a loan for you. You would have asked that person to cosign for you without knowing his or her credit score or credit history. You would how ever know that the bank or lender would  accept that person as a cosigner on your loan and then review your family or friends information to determine an outcome. We will find you a person willing to cosign on a loan that is also looking to receive money from this loan.

You and your cosigner will combine your total income to reduce your total debt to income ratio increasing your chances for approval. Most people who apply for a loan, request more money than what there budget allows. A lender will see this and always suggest a cosigner. If you have an excellent credit score, a lender might be willing to let you over extend yourself and give you the loan based on your good payment history. Most people do not have both excellent credit and upper class type of money. Most people have okay credit (540-680) and earn a decent amount of money. 

For this process to work, you and your cosigner must both have proof of verifiable income or the ability to repay the loan. You must and be able to prove you can make a monthly payment on time (an existing auto loan, mortgage payment, rent, student loan, credit card, etc). Having proof of making a monthly payment or a reference from someone that you are making payments on-time will also help with your loan. Having a two people on a loan gives the lender two working individuals to go after if one party does not make good on there loan.

You will or have signed up telling us that you can afford the loan and only need the help of a cosigner to receive the loan. You have also told us that you have a stable income, and that you will make your loan payments on time to help protect the credit of your cosigner. You and you cosigner will both will sign a loan and only take what you can afford to pay off. If you require more money than your cosigner, you will have to agree on loan repayment terms or give the cosigner the smaller amount of the loan as repayment for services render. If you agree to these terms, we will send you a link to our cosigner finder network and get started on find a person willing.

If you do not understand any part of the above terms and would like more information, please email us at asking us any questions you may have.

If you do not like or agree to these terms, please email stating that "I do not need your service and would like to cancel." You must do this with in 3 business days of signing up. We will quickly refund your payment and it will post back to your account with in 5-10 Business days. 

If you agree to these terms and would like us to move forward, please sign up today

If you choose to continue, and ask us to find you a cosigner, We will only offer refunds of up to $5.00 if you choose to cancel before to meeting your cosigner. 

There will be no refunds offered to you after meeting your cosigner. We can help you find another cosigner if needed for only $19.99

We know we have given you alot of information prior to connecting you with your cosigner. We do this so that both parties are on the same page when creating a deal. We hope that you understand that this option is brand new to every person that has used it and it has worked for many people. 

The more we inform you on how this process works, the less confused we hope the two of you will be while working together. Please sign up today to get started.
Chris P. (PA) & John S. (MO) Ron W. (CA) & Paul C. (FL) Lindsay H. (TX) & George P. (GA) Jahlia Y. (NY) & Barbara R. (DC)
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